People. Give every class your best effort, take it all in and be prepared to be surprised by what engages you. I realized business wasn’t just about making money. Speaking of focus, that’s another thing Regis taught me. If you’d like to connect with Rachel Elizabeth Khirallah, she invites you to connect on LinkedIn and visit her website. I want every older adult to know that it’s never too late to live a healthier and more rewarding life. My favorite memory at Regis was one particular visit to Professor McGovern’s office. The award categories are Service to Regis, Service to Community, and Service to Profession. Whatever successes I’ve had, I can trace back in good measure to the life skills, the work ethic and the confidence I gained there. However, not every job in technology is heavily reliant on technical skills. Susan also works directly with Regis alumni on things like resume building and how to effectively make a career shift. Now I am focused on inspiring older people to adopt healthier lifestyles and reduce their risks of suffering from serious chronic conditions, like heart disease, diabetes, cancer, lung or kidney disease, and Alzheimer’s. “When I attend conferences, only two or three in ten attendees are women, and my advice is, don’t be intimidated. List RulesPeople on this list must have gone to Regis University and be of some renown. Before I got to Regis, I had virtually no exposure at all to business, accounting or finance. She has an active Spiritual Direction practice both … Explore Denver. I’ve moved into the third act of my career and am as active and busy as ever. There are plenty of roles which are more reliant on skills such as communication, organization, and persuasion.”, “I’ve found that companies actively want to employ women in their IT departments.”, Computers are now commonplace in our lives, and the traditional student in Computer Science would have grown up with a computer in the house or easily accessible at school. Which Jesuit value do you cherish the most and practice as often as you can? With the help of several organizational partners, Cowboy Ethics became a grassroots movement that has touched thousands of businesspeople, students, teacher and parents across the country. Greater Boston Area. Both of my parents graduated from Regis. My degree allows me to publish both fiction and non-fiction. Abbie: My son’s kindergarten teacher taught her students to be Kind, Careful and Caring. However, all the professionals are united in their support of one another. “Regis College aims to form women and men for ministry and service in the Church and society. “One of the greatest challenges I face is staff retention. Colorado College Famous Alumni. The event with Dr. Fauci was the first in a series of virtual meetings Regis is hosting this week between the Class of 2020 and prominent Regis alumni. These friends and experiences start you off into the next phase of your life and you will have them forever. With this philosophy fostered and empowered in every graduate, it becomes part of who you are. Marcia McNutt. Dayton Memorial Library @ Regis University. The moment that still stands out for me is the day I graduated summa cum laude. Lead where you are now. MyMedia – storing and streaming for media you create. This list of distinguished Regis University alumni is loosely ordered by relevance, so the most recognizable celebrities who attended Regis University are at the top of the list. A high percentage of our students receive merit scholarships or need-based aid from the university. College & University. She completed a M.T.S. I wrote a best-selling book, Cowboy Ethics: What Wall Street Can Learn from the Code of the West, and reinvented myself as an inspirational author and speaker. He was everything I needed him to be — an advisor, a counselor, a teacher, and a friend. No public institution will provide such treasure. Institutional Advancement and Alumni Relations at Regis connects alumni to the university and to each other, celebrates and builds traditions, and fosters lifelong relationships by engaging alumni, parents, students, and friends of Regis. *External websites are not under our control and we are not responsible or liable for the contents. Examples of graduates on this list include Bill Murray and Jim Daly. He taught me so much and it was so much fun. Always support those around you. “This was a pivotal time for me in my career. I spent two years learning everything I could about fitness, distilling it into a book, Just Move! She always encouraged me to believe I could accomplish anything I set out to do. Through these activities and others, I made lifelong friends who I am still in contact today and whose friendships I cherish. The most important thing I learned was to be a holistic person and leader. The Funniest Stand Up Comedians Of All Time. Kevin & Abbie: Sioux Falls, SD after a long career in insurance and then the Archdiocese in Denver, Los Angeles and Washington. The experiences you have are also just as important and academic education as you step into the world. I went along to show support, but I fell in love with the campus and what it would offer. Hometown: Irving, TexasMajor: SpanishGraduation Year: 1996. Abbie: There are so many but here is one. Regis University UText Gloves. You can imagine my surprise when I got to the hotel and found nothing but a blank screen. Hometown: Dubuque, IowaMajor: Abbie: AccountingKevin: Business AdministrationGraduation Year: Abbie - Class of 1978Kevin - Class of 1973. It was a fun time to catch up with my friends along with showing the new students that they had selected a welcoming college. What doors did Regis help open for you to get to this point? As the centerpiece of my public health campaign, I have produced a new half-hour documentary film, The Art of Aging Well, which is airing on PBS stations this fall. The leadership courses helped me realize my true career interests and to develop those skills that help me stand out in my field.”. Bachelor, Social Work. Don’t let a minute go by without appreciating the experience. Set aside your preconceptions about what you want to learn and achieve. People on this list must have gone to Regis University and be of some renown. In August 2008, Regis College agreed to move to Christie House, on the corner of Wellesley Street and Queen's Park.It was formerly a female residence building for St. Michael's College administered by the Sisters of St. Joseph who ran St. Joseph's College School next door. Kevin: I think my favorite memory is taking Father Ed Maginnis’s Classical Music Class. Regis University is a private Jesuit university in Denver, Colorado. Hometown: Longmont, COMajor: BA in Politics, Minor in Sociology, MA with a specialization in Public Administration Graduation Year: 2007 and 2012. And I didn’t know which one. $22.00 ADD TO BAG. If you’d like to connect with James P. Owen, he invites you to connect on LinkedIn and visit his other websites. While active in one of my on-line classes, I found some of the content hard to understand. Welcome. I’ve learned that anyone can make money; it’s much harder to make a difference. Alumni Council. It was also at Regis that I met my wife, Abbie, doing Alumni fundraising work in 1988. My goal now is to be “80 years young” and keep doing this work as long as I am able. New and Notable September 28, 2020 . Membership in The Raider Club is extended to our loyal alumni donors who support Regis Jesuit for two or more consecutive years. For those of you who don’t know, video was not readily available over the internet in the 1990s so we would get video tapes (modern day DVDs) sent out to us. Get to know lots of people; students, teachers and staff. The University of Toronto bought the site from the Sisters of St. Joseph and leases it to the college. Colorado College was established as a coeducational institution in 1874, two years before Colorado became a state. Only that all these years later, I’m still grateful for the Regis experience. It wasn’t just in my four years as a student, but it become a part of who I am in the world. Our work together continues to teach me invaluable lessons. We’re all in this together. You will learn to be in service to others and not to live just for self. The Regis Archives and Special Collections ePublications include full access to yearbooks, bulletins and catalogs, the Highlander, the Brown and Gold, and alumni publications. I serve on the Board of Trustees for the Longmont Community Foundation, Board of Directors for the OUR Center in Longmont, and volunteer as a coordinator for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. The names listed below are alumni who have been searched for on this site from Regis High Schoolin New York, New York.If you see your name among the Regis High School graduates, someone is looking for you! That habit of mind has served me well ever since. and a Diploma in Spiritual Direction (2015). Once I started taking business courses at Regis and saw their real-life application, it all clicked. Peter Gage. I shifted gears in 2003, when I came up with the concept of Cowboy Ethics, based on the idea that business ethics depend more on personal character and principles than on laws and regulations. This new college at Regis University is led by Dr. Shari Plantz-Masters and supported by all university levels. As for my mother, she was the salt of the earth, and utterly devoted to church and family. Kevin: I think the question, “How ought we to live?” is one of the profound questions I ask myself and I try to live and practice it as often as possible. In that department, Deborah was part of the team that ensured that customers’ data remained secure during travel bookings. Making connections with local communities through opportunities offered by the Center for Service learning truly allowed me to grow in my path of becoming now a community organizer. Bachelors of Science, Political Science and Economics. However, computer safety and cybersecurity may not have been taught. Get to know the city, the broader community. Open to all faculty, staff, and students at the University of Toronto Diana DeGette. The Jesuit value I practice every day is to be a person in service of others. Abbie: The education I received at Regis was well rounded so that along with my accounting degree I was able to launch my career. If you’d like to connect with Stefan Scheuermann, he invites you to visit his book's websites. Which Jesuit value do you cherish the most and practice as often as you can? The importance of curiosity and lifelong learning was a theme that ran through all my coursework. My time at Regis was such a learning journey of self-assessment and independence. Alma Dale Campbell Brown (born June 14, 1968) is the head of global news partnerships at... Edwin John Feulner Jr. (born August 12, 1941) is credited with establishing US conservative... Charles Franklin Brannan (August 23, 1903 – July 2, 1992) was the United States Secretary of... Kenneth Guy Summers (born November 12, 1953) was a Colorado legislator. Hometown: Aurora, ColoradoMajor: Computer Networking, Minor Business AdministrationGraduation Year: 2007. There is so much demand and competition for these skills right now that I am often losing colleagues to other companies. By giving a voice in the legal network to individuals who otherwise might not have it is a value I try to practice as often as I can. Regis is divided into five colleges: Regis College, The Rueckert-Hartman College for Health Professions, the College of Contemporary Liberal Studies, the College of Computer and Information Sciences and the Anderson College of Business. But beyond that, we need to put understanding into action. I looked at the syllabi of many colleges.”, “One day my best friend invited me to attend her commencement at Regis University. It offered a people-focused approach to looking at life.”, During her time at Regis in the mid-2000s, Deborah did not just take computer science courses. Who had the most impact on you during your time at Regis University? There are too many to count. For 35 years, I worked in the investment industry. But without a doubt, the most impactful person was Professor Marty McGovern. Do not look back on four years and wish you had been involved. Needless to say, I didn’t learn much during that lesson. Throughout our time at Regis, she was a constant source of support and strength while far away from our family. Kevin: The quality education and reputation of Regis helped me obtain my first job at Northwestern Mutual. It was truly formative, and has shaped how I’ve approached my work as well as my avocations ever since. Regis certainly had a huge impact on his life, and he continues to impact all of us through his leadership and care for all of us." Although she has since past, I am grateful that part of my commitment to racial justice in my current work honors her legacy and the incredible things we accomplished together as student leaders. I came from a small town in South Dakota and Regis was a bridge from SD to the next part of my life’s journey. This directory is not just composed of graduates of this school, as some of the famous people on this list didn't necessarily earn a degree from Regis University. To be sure, we’ll need thoughtful analysis and reflection to come up with ways of improving the complex and interconnected systems that affect our lives. In the IT industry, each challenge is unique. Regis College 2000 — 2003. We are all proud of being Jesuit educated and service motivated. He was a true educator who did a great job. Champion. By 2010, when I turned 70, I had realized that I was a physical wreck and had to change my couch-potato ways if I wanted to keep living a productive and satisfying life. Staffing and Recruiting. It’s not just an increased salary they are looking for, but new challenges and the opportunity to grow their careers as well. My books can all be found on my Amazon Author’s Page*, or on the publisher’s website. Mark Fiore. Education. Kevin: At Regis you will receive the education you need but you will also receive something more precious and valuable – how to live, how to think and how to know and love your God. Anne Quinn-Wallace came to Regis College following a successful career in Nursing Educating. If you’d like to connect with Deborah Blyth, she invites you to connect with her on LinkedIn. Jane Lubchenco. I’m especially appreciative of that now that I’m focused on health advocacy and communications. Regis is a 4-year private university located at 3333 Regis Blvd in Denver, Colorado. Hometown: Lexington, KentuckyMajor: Business Administration Graduation Year: 1981. Talent Acquisition Specialist at Advanced Technology Services, Inc. Due to the influence of my closest childhood friend, who was brilliant and grew up in a household of intellectuals, I had come to believe that only pure academic subjects were worthwhile. A New Approach to Fitness After 50. Abbie: It was the Regis community that had the greatest impact on me. Four years will go by in the blink of an eye and there is so much Regis has to offer. At my age, I have to accept that some of the big goals I’m pursuing, like shifting our health care system to a preventive model, may not be met in my lifetime. Regis didn’t just offer a degree and prospects. In 25 years, the Internet of Things is being implemented, and network speeds have increased. Service! Regis University is a Jesuit university in Denver, CO, with three additional campuses throughout the state. Greenville, South Carolina Area. Whether it’s in my profession, volunteering, or with my family and friends, I believe that if everyone did what they could to help others, this world would be a better place. It will remain always one of the spiritually bright moments of my life. Regis University is a Jesuit, Catholic University in Denver, Colorado. It's a Large campus in a City-based setting with 8,725 enrolled students and a student faculty ratio of 14 to 1. I remember back to the classes I probably would not have taken such as Native American Religious Traditions where I was fully immersed in understanding the different thoughts, beliefs and customs held close to an amazing group of people. x 10 in. “Cybersecurity needs taught at the grade school level,” Deborah says. Teaching cybersecurity to young people should be a growing market in years to come and will help build the workforce to resolve the cybersecurity talent shortage.”, Anderson College of Business and Computing, In May 2020, the Anderson College of Business and the College of Computer and Information Sciences merged to become the Anderson College of Business and Computing. He was the kind of man I still aspire to be. I went to Regis seeking a technical degree but came out with a well-rounded business education. Anne Quinn-Walace, President, Regis College Alumni/ae Association. John Ward, I should note, will be speaking to Regis alumni at the school in November 2012. What’s your advice to new students coming to Regis? “I was ready to go to college. One of the Jesuit values is the dedication to promoting human dignity and care for the entire person. Get involved with something or a lot of things and be a part of the Regis Community. Everyone I met and worked with contributed to my academic success and my love of the subjects they taught. Kevin: I think the small close community of students helped me be comfortable and allowed me to find my way. You have to pick your battles, give them your best efforts, and be willing to wait for meaningful progress. All of my published books were written after I graduated and with the skill, knowledge, and motivation I acquired at Regis. Hometown: San Antonio, TexasMajor:  Philosophy and Peace & Justice StudiesGraduation Year: 2015, © Regis University 2020. My substantial thesis was just gaining clarity. The Jesuits may say this in a different way but I try to live this every day. Diploma Frame. I’ve observed that women are very analytical and have smart technology brains, and it often surprises them to discover this about themselves! Beyond a career trajectory, it gave me a set of practical tools for accomplishing all kinds of goals. It was founded by the Society of Jesus in 1877 and is a member of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities. An anonymous user deleted this from the alumni listing without explanation: John Ward, founder of Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders; The bigot-coward's IP can be traced to Boston College. The leadership and faculty made it clear that education isn’t just about what you know; it’s as much about who you are and what you do. I would actually take them with me on my business trips and rent or buy DVD players to watch them in my hotel room. Regis High School is a private Jesuit secondary school for Roman Catholic boys located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in New York City. IT professionals must have a network of people they can rely on for advice and insight. The list is too long but my fellow cross-country runners and coaches, the entire Resident Life staff, Regis Ramblers, the Office of Admissions, and certainly the professors. I enjoyed all of my time at Regis but being in the 2005 production of West Side Story with the Regis Ramblers was a blast. We want our alumni to acknowledge high school seniors and transfer students who exhibit the qualities normally associated with Regis women and men. Bedford High School 1996 — 1999. Logo Fit. And who knows where things will go from here? “In Denver, Colorado, and even across the nation, I have a strong network of fellow cybersecurity peers and experts that I can rely. Getting one of the SPS VHS tapes erased in the Denver Airport security scanner. There were plenty of colleges that were offering IT degrees. I feel blessed to have grown up in a loving, supportive family in Lexington, Kentucky. She knew that this would develop other skills required for progression in the IT sector by taking a university degree. *External websites are not under our control and we are not responsible or liable for the contents. His delight in my work and his authentic encouragement energized me and gave me great faith in myself as an academic. They have shepherded Regis University over the past 40+ years demonstrating an extraordinary tradition of service, leadership and stability. Regis University and Loretto Heights College alumni are out in the community in the service of others and setting the world on fire. One of the reasons I chose Regis was that it allowed students to take one subject at a time. I set out to get fit, no matter what, and realized that millions of other older folks were in the same situation as me. Favorite Regis memory? Regis High School Alumni Class List . Behind every dotted “i” and crossed “t” was the question, “What service does this provide to others?”. You may discover a passion or a calling you might never have anticipated. The truth was that philosophy, anthropology, and literature didn’t really spark my interest, so I felt something must be wrong with me. If you’d like to connect with Celeste Martinez, she invites you to connect with her on LinkedIn and visit her website. Sophomore year I was part of a group that welcomed new freshmen to Regis. Men and women in service with others. She took classes in leadership and business. Even if being graded on a curve or only one of you can get the captains “C” in your sport. Being supportive is as important as succeeding in business and in life. Alumni Login All Rights Reserved. New programs, threats, tools, and practices are introduced and employees need the advanced knowledge required to address multiple issues at once. The university is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Library. Deborah knew that to progress with her career she would need formal education. Regis was also ranked as the #1 Catholic High School in the US by in 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020. 4,137 likes. James Heckman. If an internal link led you here, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article. Get involved in the many activities that Regis offers. Thursday Thrills, Music Bar, ski weekends, the small classes, the quad, Ranger Day, our dorms, our houses on Mead Street. Experience. What’s your advice to new students coming to Regis? All my professors at Regis were very good, and some were great. “The certifications gave me confidence to know that I could study, learn, and apply new knowledge. I also had the opportunity to do two internships in Washington, DC and I was proud to represent Regis on Capitol Hil. UMass Boston 2011 — 2015. Hometown:  Evergreen, COMajor: Masters in Business AdministrationGraduation Year: 2004. Regis University Alumni Association is responsible for this Page. Master's Degree, Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling/Counselor. I learned that I could accomplish just about any task or meet any challenge if I gave it my complete focus and attention. Nonprofit Organization. Senior Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor at MRC. Ken Salazar. The camaraderie at basketball games, intermural sports and student government, fellowship at the Belial Bar and yes, even eating at the cafeteria that contributed to the person I am today. I doubt that I would have come up with the concept of Cowboy Ethics had I not had the Regis experience. Regis University instills in its students the value of men and women in the service of others. In 2017, Regis was ranked as the top Catholic High School in the US by Town and County Magazine. ASN - The Greater Denver Alpha Sigma Nu Alumni Club. I recently termed off the Board of Directors for Community Food Share and served as president of the Hispanic Education Foundation for 10 years. That takes hard work and patience. This page was last edited on 29 December 2019, at 21:59 (UTC). 100 visits. As part of the security team, Deborah took certification courses and achieved certifications in cybersecurity. I wake up each morning energized and driven by a sense of purpose as powerful as I’ve ever felt. Also, I received excellent references from Regis Administrators and Professors in my job searches. Washington, District Of Columbia Georgetown University MBA Candidate | Operations and Finance Professional Management Consulting Education Georgetown University - The They want to build skills and experience in different sectors and I understand that. What doors did Regis help open for you to get to this point? Regis University alumni are encouraged to stay in touch with the library and are welcome to visit the Dayton Memorial Library in person to use print and online resources. There are so many opportunities for women in IT.”, “Women bring a natural ability to develop relationships and collaborate across the board, which is what is needed to solve challenging technology and cybersecurity issues. Being seen as a leader will help you progress in your career.”. The IT department now has a seat at the table - they need to talk like they belong there!”, “Leadership happens at all levels of an organization,” Deborah shared. Regis North in Lawrence, founded in 2015, offers educational opportunities to students in the Merrimack Valley. My daughter is a high school senior and is considering Regis. Almost all capabilities are now online and systems and networks are faster. To this day, I read everything I can get my hands on and love diving into topics I know little or nothing about. It is what makes Regis different than other universities, motivating not only personal ambitions but also that strong sense of service, which burns and keeps us pushing forward when personal ambitions fade. “Every computer with access to the internet is a potential threat to an organization or a household. Join our community to further your education and find the right path for you!

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