While a festival is held in honor of Natsu and Laxus's rematch. After confirming her treachery, Gray take on Ultear, channeling the memory of his former teacher in a dangerous attempt to defeat the time-altering wizard. [4] The series follows the adventures of Natsu Dragneel, a member of the Fairy Tail wizards' guild who is searching for the dragon Igneel, and partners with Lucy Heartfilia, a celestial wizard. Natsu is overwhelmed by Zancrow's God Slayer magic, which proves superior to his own Dragon Slayer magic. Episode 328 Meanwhile, Natsu falls unconscious and wakes up inside his own mind. Fairy Tail's Manga and Anime are broken into several story arcs. In that time, the guild has fallen into disrepair and lost its standing. S3, Ep97. Elfman and Evergreen are overwhelmed and defeated by Rustyrose's Arc of Incarnation, which gives him the power to create anything from his imagination. With the time rift now open, they're forced to make a difficult decision. DUB NOW AVAILABLE - SIGN UP FOR A PAID SUBSCRIPTION AND GET TWO WEEKS FOR FREE. Their lives depend on one guild mate--Erza--but even she might not have the strength to save them. The wizards open the box to find a crude drawing of Mavis and the guild's founders, which is framed in Natsu's house, now perched atop the tall, unearthed tree. 10. After thinking about her troubled past--and connection the Gildarts--she receives the powerful spell Fairy Glitter. [6] Similarly sized sets followed, with 14 sets released as of December 2, 2014. ... Fairy Tail Episode 3 Infiltrate the Everlue Mansion. Looking for information on the anime Fairy Tail: Final Series (Fairy Tail Final Series)? In the present, after the boys are caught trying to peep on the girls, Mavis decides to lend the guild her support for the tournament. Meanwhile, Loke realizes Caprico is the celestial spirit Capricorn, and that he has the power to take control of humans. They have faith that Makarov will return one day, but they need to choose a new master for the time being. And why is Erza dressed in a nurse's uniform? When the Archbishop wakes, he's able to explain how the clock operates, and how Fairy Tail might stall the Real Nightmare. Meanwhile, Juvia is nearly defeated during her and Erza's battle against Merudy of the Seven Kin. The priestess Éclair sews together a stuffed bird doll that is inadvertently brought to life by the magic from her mystical Phoenix Stone. While watching an anime one should not skip Cannon Episodes. Fairy Tail takes an assignment to protect a rich family from being robbed during their semi-annual ball. S2, Ep49. Her newfound powers provide plenty of hijinks, but what happens when she can't figure out how to become visible again--and everything around her starts disappearing? When Samuel and Pantherlily go head to head, it's an Exceed battle like the wizards have never seen before. (Source: Crunchyroll) That evening, the girls drink all of the alcohol at their lodging and tease the mortified boys in a drunken state. TV-14 | HD (1080p) | 2011 Their magic spells destruction! Lucy uses an expired magical ointment and accidentally turns her invisible. He then revisits lost memories that shed light on his past. Sub-Zero Emperor Lyon arc. ATTACK ON TITAN FINAL SEASON. Phantom Lord arc. Is there any hope that the wizards will return before the guild falls apart? Meanwhile, Natsu enthusiastically fights Gildarts, with a series of flashbacks detailing how Natsu had never once been able to defeat him since childhood. Though seriously wounded, Gajeel sends Levy to warn their guildmates of Grimoire Heart's attack. One of Legion's members manages to separate Mirajane's demon form from her body and uses it to attack the wizard's family!